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ES Optimizer and Teletracking Integration

ES Optimizer has a specially designed interface with TeleTracking. When the two applications work together:

  • ES Opti­miz­er man­ages dai­ly and rou­tine clean­ing activ­i­ties and
  • Tele­Track­ing mon­i­tors the num­ber of cleaned dis­charge and trans­fer beds.

ES Optimizer manages daily and routine cleaning activities.

Its Cen­sus Based Sched­ul­ing capa­bil­i­ty uses cen­sus data to cal­cu­late employ­ee work­load quo­tas for dis­charge clean­ing activ­i­ties bal­anced with rou­tine clean­ing activ­i­ties. It deter­mines quo­tas and trans­mits this infor­ma­tion to Tele­Track­ing.

TeleTracking monitors the number of cleaned discharge and transfer beds.

It also mon­i­tors pend­ing dis­charge beds based on an EVS Professional’s dai­ly assign­ment quo­ta. It pre­vents an employ­ee from being assigned more dis­charge clean­ing tasks than can rea­son­ably be com­plet­ed in a time­ly man­ner by dis­trib­ut­ing work based on quo­tas.

Balance routine daily cleaning activities with discharge cleans.

Quo­tas are cal­cu­lat­ed based on cen­sus lev­els and required daily/routine tasks. The inte­gra­tion ensures both rou­tine clean­ing activ­i­ties and dirty bed clean­ing tasks are com­plet­ed by find­ing avail­able work­force to dis­trib­ute dis­charge clean­ing requests with­out dis­rupt­ing sched­uled clean­ing tasks.

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