Advanced Per­son­nel is a new fea­ture in ES Opti­miz­er that allows you to set spe­cif­ic OFF days for your employ­ees. It is espe­cial­ly use­ful when you are assign­ing relief in the Per­son­nel Mod­ule.

To turn on the func­tion go to Preferences>Facility Set­ting and click on ENHANCED PERSONNEL to turn the fea­ture on.

ES Management Software - Daily Assignment Screen

Now, go to Employees>Enhanced Per­son­nel. You can see that I have des­ig­nat­ed Sun­day and Sat­ur­day as Days Off for this employ­ee. This infor­ma­tion will be avail­able as I build the Per­son­nel Tem­plate, then lat­er when I mod­i­fy Employ­ee Sched­ules. The idea is that we can now make the days off des­ig­na­tion and pro­tect the employ­ee from unnec­es­sary sched­ul­ing on these days.

ES Management Software - Enhanced Personnel Screen

To see this is action, go to Dai­ly Assignments>Enhanced Per­son­nel. If I tried to assign Alfre­do to Sun­day, the sys­tem would not allow this to hap­pen because Alfre­do is OFF on that par­tic­u­lar day.

ES Management Software - Facility Settings Screen

Anoth­er instance can be seen under Personnel>Schedule. Here we are giv­en the same infor­ma­tion and see that Alfre­do is sched­uled OFF for Sun­day. How­ev­er, in this case we allow Alfre­do to cov­er this sched­ule.

ES Management Software - Employee Schedule Screen

We hope you find this new fea­ture use­ful and encour­age your feed­back on how well it works.